America is addicted to oil.

We have less than 5% of the world’s population, but consume more than 20% of the world’s oil.

We import 60% of the oil we use: over $600 billion.

2/3 of oil reserves are in the hand of Islamic countries. Many of them support Jihadist ideology fundamental opposes freedom.

The money we use to buy their oil is being used to finance terrorism.

After 9/11 the U.S. declared a global war against terror and its state-sponsors.

But the only states we acted against were Afghanistan and Iraq. Our war on terror fights the symptoms of terror, not the cause of terror.

Terrorism originates with state-sponsored radical Islam. And the two biggest sponsors are Iran and Saudi Arabia. It’s not a coincidence that they are also two of the largest oil-producers in the world.

Terror also raises the price of oil. Terrorism causes uncertainty and uncertainty about whether oil supplies will cut off raises prices. It’s a never ending cycle were height oil prices 1:25 and terrorism increases the prices of oil.

Oil based transportation is the #1 cause of air pollution in urban areas. Trucks and cars are among the top contributors to greenhouse gases. The reality is we cannot address environmental problems without drastically reducing petroleum use.

This year the U.S. was spend over $600 Billion on imported oil more than our entire defense budget
and almost twice as much as the growth of our growth domestic product.

That means that even when our economy grows, there will be no improvement in our overall prosperity because all the growth goes to paying foreign oil.

Long term the impact is even worse. When drug addict can no longer pay for their addiction with cash flow they start selling their asses. Our oil addiction has now reached that point.

Over the last few month Investment funds controlled by Islamic governments have bought significant shares of some of Americas most prestigious corporations. At current oil prices, OPEC countries could control every major U.S. company within 5 years. And within 10 to 12 years they could own every major corporation outright.

Oil is now so valuable that the Saudi Oil reserves are worth more than all of the companies at the New York stock exchange combined. The economic balance of power is shifting away from the U.S. and into the hands of governments that hate us.

What’s behind the skyrocketing price of oil?

Are we running out of oil?

Supply manipulation by OPEC a rising demand from a emerging markets all contribute to higher prices.

Prices are escalating because many speculators are betting that we may be close to the point where global oil production is as high as it can go. Geologists call this moment “Peak Oil”. From then on global production will steadily decline.

Some estimates indicate we may reach “peak oil” within the next few years. When that happens. Today’s price increases and economic fallout will seem minor. We have to act now.


Think differently

That’s what we are with energy. Increasingly there is focus on solar, wind, geothermal, nuclear and hydrogen as alternative sources of energy. But they are sources of electric power and since we don’t produce electricity for petroleum. These alternatives don’t reduce our addiction to foreign oil. It’s the way of transportation that reduces our oil addiction.


The most immediate thing car companies can do is to give consumers a choice in fuels. It costs the auto-makers only an extra $100 to build a car that can run alternative fuels. They already have the technology and know-how. Washington should mandate that every new car be a Flex Fuel car and they should do it today. Some people think alternative fuel just means Ethanol made from corn but there are many options. Ethanol made from sugar cane produces more energy. Soon Ethanol will also be made from cellulose, algae and other materials. And Methanol can be made from agricultural and food by-products, timber and paper refuse, coal, natural gas and even CO2.

Most experts agree that beyond the bio-fuels the future of transportation is electric.

Above all it’s up to us.

When we reduce consumption of foreign oil, we’re marking America stronger. We’re cutting off funding for terrorists and we’re helping to protect the American dream.

What could be more patriotic?

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